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Paleo foods include: meat, fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and berries. Preferrably "organic."
Excluded are: grains, dairy, beans/legumes, potatoes, sugar and fake foods.
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Paleo Meat/Fish Snacks

I make my own pemmican. I only use it when eating away from home. I eat fresh grass-fed beef bought locally, and I see no reason to add more beef to my diet when at home. I have put up Rendering Suet Step-by-Step and My Pemmican Notes. I have the 9-tray Excalibur 2900 dehydrator.

Meat Snacks

Fish Snacks: Shellfish

Fish Snacks: Salmon

Fish Snacks: Tuna

Fish Snacks: Small Fish

Fish Snacks: Roe

Other Animal-Based Snacks

Paleo Snacks & Bars (Vegan, Raw) Go to Top

Fruit & Nut: Bars

Fruit & Nut: Cookies, Crackers, Bread

Fruit & Nut: Trail Mixes

Dried Greens: Kale

Dried Vegetables: Other

Dried Greens: Sea Vegetables

Vegetables and Fruit: Cooked


100% Fruit Snacks

I don't buy any of the products in this section (except for the plantain chips). I make my own applesauce in the Fall and freeze it to use throughout the year. Then fresh fruit is easy to find. And many frozen berries and fruit are quite reasonable and good. Especially if you have a Trader Joe's nearby. Any dried fruit I buy is from the bulk pack section at my food coop. Then there is the problem that these foods raise triglyceride levels. That, in turn, increases the number of small, dense lipoproteins that cause damage to your arteries. However, if you need convenient snack packaging, here they are:

Fruit Bars

Fruit Leather

Fruit Loose (Dehydrated)

Fruit Loose: Crunchy (Freeze-Dried)

Fruit Loose: Crunchy (Baked)

Fruit Loose (Dried): Superfruits

Fruit Loose (Fried)

Fruit Puree

Dairy Substitutes: Tree Nuts based Go to Top
Dairy Substitutes: Coconut Based Go to Top

Frozen Coconut Desserts

Coconut Butter

Artisana Coconut Butter Artisana Raw Coconut Butter. Can buy from Amazon. It is also available in packets. Chocola Tree Coconut Creme Chocola Tree has a raw, stone-ground Coconut Creme. You can buy from their site, but shipping is high. Cheaper through a seller on Amazon. Love Raw Foods Organic Creamed Coconut Love Raw Foods Creamed Coconut. Buy from their site. Nutiva Organic Coconut Manna Nutiva Coconut Manna. Buy from their site or at Amazon.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water is "nature's isotonic beverage" from the center of green young coconuts. Most are from Brazil (except two noted below). Coconut water contains potassium (more than a banana), calcium, magnesium and many trace minerals. It has an ideal balance of electrolytes so important to replenish after exercise. Naturally low in calories and fat-free, it's the paleo way to quench your thirst and restore well being. Read more at the Wikipedia article on Coconut water. This product is readily available in natural food stores. Be sure to read the ingredient list, as some are sweetened and some have preservatives (generally the ones that are marketed to the Latin community). By law in the US all are pasteurized.

Book on Coconut Water:

Coconut Water by Bruce Fife Coconut Water: For Health and Healing by Dr. Bruce Fife educates the reader on the health benefits of coconut water. Coconut water's unique nutritional profile gives it the power to balance body chemistry, ward off disease, fight cancer, and retard aging. History and folklore credit coconut water with remarkable healing powers, which medical science is now confirming. People like the book, with the caveat that it can be overly scientific.

Coconut Water (in alphabetical order):

Amy & Brian Coconut Water Amy & Brian Naturals Coconut Juice comes in three variations: With Pulp, Without Pulp, and With Lime. They came in 17.5-ounce and 10-ounce cans. Comments at Amazon say this one has a lovely light, clean, fresh taste, and is a little sweeter than the others. This is because their coconuts come from Thailand. Both small and large cans are now sourced from the same coconuts. You can buy directly from Amy & Brian, use the store locator on their site, or buy from Amazon.
C2O Coconut Water C2O Pure Coconut Water is a newcomer. Like the Amy & Brian it is from Thailand and is sweeter. An obnoxious website where form is paramont and getting information is secondary. This is what you get when you hire a graphics designer to do your site. If you are patient, you will be able to find a store locator on their site (in my area it is only Whole Foods), or buy from Amazon.
Coco Samba Coconut Water Coco Samba is from Brazil. I first saw it at my food coop. It doesn't have the silly plastic spout that Vita Coco has added. But it does have Vitamin C added. Why? It is easy to get ample Vitamin C in one's paleo diet. You can buy a pack from Amazon.
Harmless Harvest Coconut Water Harmless Harvest sells a coconut water that was new in 2013. It is 100% raw and organic. They claim their high pressure processing maintains the raw flavor, aroma and nutrition of their products. It is from Thailand. Amazon reviewers claim it is the best. It is expensive. Buy from Amazon, or use the store locator at their website.
Harvest Bay Coconut Water Harvest Bay 100% Coconut Water. This is distributed to natural food stores in the East and West, or buy a pack of the 8.45 ounce from Amazon.
Naked Juice coconut water Naked Juice 100% Coconut Water. This is one of the sites designed entirely with the obnoxious Flash and you are forced to go through their art show and slow loading before getting to the information. Apparently the juice manufacturers have a competition to see who can have the most obnoxious site. Buy from Amazon.
Nature Factor Organic Young Coconut Water Nature Factor Organic Young Coconut Water from certified organic coconuts. This also has a lovely light, clean, fresh taste, but is less sweet than Amy & Brian's. You can buy at Amazon.
O.N.E. coconut water O.N.E. (One Natural Experience) makes a coconut water that is 100% natural coconut. Available in 11.2-ounce and 8.5-ounce Tetra Paks. They do not sell online, but you can find it at Amazon, where it is the second best-seller. And you can find it at numerous major supermarket chains.
Taste Nirvana Coconut Water Taste Nirvana sells a coconut water that was new in 2013. There are three flavors with more coming soon. It is available in BPA-free aluminum cans, or glass bottles in two sizes. It's the favorite of the buyer at my food coop. It comes from Thailand and is highly rated at Amazon. Also see store locator at their website.
VitaCoco coconut water Vita Coco makes a 100% pure coconut water. This one is not as sweet compared to the others. This is the one I buy. It comes in many flavors (I buy the plain) and is the best selling coconut water. The small size now has the silly plastic spouts. You can buy at Amazon, where the price is very good if sold by Amazon.
Zico coconut water Zico switched to a water made from concentrate. Now it has also come out with a Pure Premium. The Amazon reviews claim the concentrate tastes and smells funny. It is bottled on a line that also bottles dairy and soy. Some like the premium better than Vita Coco. You can find them locally and at Amazon.
Equipment (Highlights from The Kitchen Equipment Encyclopedia) Go to Top
right arrow The Kitchen Equipment Encyclopedia for Paleos is on another page.

Nesco dehydrator Dehydrators. A must for homemade jerky and pemmican. Can also dry fruit and herbs. Inexpensive ones without thermostats are $30, but I consider a thermostat a must. Healthier and tastier to dry at a low temperature. The round ones are expandable up to 30 trays. The one I have and highly recommend is the Excalibur 2900. It is the one used by all serious dehyraters. The square trays are easier to fill than round with a hole in the middle. I don't see a need for a timer. If you dry at a low temperature the time will be long and need not be exact. Also see Paleodiet: Dehydrators section.
Meat Grinder Meat Grinders. Anyone following paleo can justify owning a meat grinder. You can make you own paleo sausage (also see Patty Press), grind suet before rendering, powder narrow jerky strips for pemmican (by far the best way to do this), make use of full animal sides, or even just to grind up leftovers for hash. The hand ones that clamp to the counter are apparently fine. Electric, which is what I bought, can run $100. If you have any KitchenAid Classic stand mixer, which won't have much use now that you aren't baking, you can buy a reasonably priced food grinder attachment for it.
Slow Cooker Slow Cooker, aka "Crock Pot". Useful. Many consider this a must have in a paleo kitchen. Can start before you go to bed or in the morning. You want one with a removable sleeve. Then you can prepare it the evening before and put in the refrigerator. Before going to work you simply put it in the base and start it up. And much easier to clean. A neat option is one with a probe that will shift to a keep warm mode when the meat is done. A slow cooker is the best way to cook pulled pork. Slow cookers work best if they are at least half full. Don't buy one that is too big. N.B. Long cooking times with acidic foods can lead to hydrolysis of proteins.
Thermometer, Infrared Thermometer, Infrared. These are downright fun to play with. This is like the one I have. You aim the laser beam at an object and it displays the surface temperature. Check out the temperature of anything. Food safety people use these. I use mine to check the temperature of the suet while I'm rendering it when the moisture has been removed and the temperature starts to rise. Also good for measuring the surface temperature of a pan. They also have automotive troubleshooting uses.

right arrow The Kitchen Equipment Encyclopedia for Paleos is on another page.

Fats & Oils Go to Top
The only types of oils acceptable on the paleo diet are listed below. Seed oils are high in Omega-6s. They are to be avoided. A diet high in Omega-6s leads to inflammation of the arteries.


Coconut Oils

Fruit Oils

Other Nut Oils

Fish Oils

Animal Fats (and Marrow)

Nut Butters Go to Top
Nut butters can be used as a paleo snack. A popular way is dipping a stick of celery or carrot in. When creating this section I looked at many nut butters. I found that many are not pure. Often sugar and salt were added. Some have milk. Some have peanut oil. And one even had wheat in it! Then Amazon lists many that are not available. Following are some of the available paleo ones I found:


Brazil Nut







Flours (and Shreds, & Flakes): Coconut Go to Top

All of the entries here are unsweetened coconut.


Coconut Flour

Coconut Shredded

Coconut Flakes

Coconut Chips

Flours (and Meals): Tree Nuts Go to Top
All nuts and nut flours should be stored in the freezer or refrigerator. Vendors are listed alphabetically within nut type.

Almond Flour: Blanched

Almond Meal: Raw

Cashew Flour

Chestnut Flour (Raw and Roasted)

Hazelnut (Filbert) Flour/Meal (Blanched, Raw and Roasted)

Macadamia Meal

Pecan Flour/Meal

Pistachio Flour/Meal

Walnut Flour/Meal

Flours: Other Go to Top



Sweet Potato

Tiger Nut

Flours: Mixes Go to Top
Spicing and Flavoring Go to Top

Without Salt

With Salt

Dried Mushrooms, Vegetables and Teas Go to Top
Packaged Vegetables Go to Top


Shelf Stable

Fruit: Bottled Juice
Raw Honey (and Other Sweeteners) Go to Top
I do not use any of these sweeteners. I gave up all sweets more than four decades ago and have lost any interest in sweet foods. It is best to get all sweets out of your diet and get over it. While based on the paleo concept of avoiding foods foreign to our Paleolithic evolved bodies, these are paleo, but the quantities consumed would have been tiny. The problem with these foods is they raise triglyceride levels. That, in turn, increases the number of small, dense lipoproteins that cause damage to your arteries.

Boiled Cider

Dehydrated Coconut Palm Nectar

Coconut Palm Syrup

Raw Honey

Maple Syrup

Date Sugar

Barry Farms Date Sugar Barry Farm Foods has Date Sugar. You can buy through Amazon. Now Foods Date Sugar Now Foods has a Date Sugar. You can buy from Amazon. Shiloh Farms Date Sugar If you want organic date sugar what I found is Shiloh Farms Date Sugar. Buy from their site.
Wet Sea Vegetables Go to Top
Meat, Poultry and Fish Go to Top
Meals: Delivered and Shipped Go to Top
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